Millview is believed to have had inhabitants as far back as the second Spanish Occupation however, not until the lumber industry emerged in the 1860’s did the town begin to flourish. In 1873 the Lumber companies united together and established the Pensacola Perdido Railroad.

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J.B. Johnson (no date, circa 1880's)


030 (2)

1880's .25 Cent Note 1880’s .25 Cent Note


030 (3)

1880's $1 Note 1880’s $1 Note


J.B. Johnson was a millview sawmill owner aswell as a Store owner. Mr. Johnson insured that his workers would spend their money only at his store by paying them in his own script that would not be accepted elsewhere.


Geo. W. Robinson Scrip

030 (4)

1880's .25 Cent Scrip for Merchandise or Lumber 1880’s .25 Cent Scrip for Merchandise or Lumber