Manatee located on the Manatee River developed as a result of the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. Many plantation owners from the panhandle had been ruined in 1937 and were looking for a place to start over. Robert Gamble and Dr. Joseph Braden came to the Manatee River region to plant sugar. Both men started major sugar plantations which thrived for a while but another financial panic in 1857 destroyed the sugar business. During the Civl War, Union forces raided the Manatee region seeking to capture or destroy Confederate supplies of molasses manufactured from the sugar cane crop. Manatee was incorporated in 1888.  In 1944 Manatee was absorbed by the town of Bradenton.

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James Williams (engraved 1862)

1862 $1 Note (Only Note Known) from Harley L. Freeman Collection

1862 $1 Note “Due to bearer one dollar payable in state or Confederate notes when presented in sums of five dollars”
(Only Note Known)
Ex.  Harley L. Freeman Collection


Issued in 1862, there is little known about James Williams only that his notes were “Orange Spring” style and he operated a general store.