Advertising Notes


During the late 19th century and early 20th century, many companies used currency “look a likes” to advertise their company and certainly to get peoples attention.  These notes were often printed to look like early Federal notes, or confederate notes and would have the company name, address and their products listed on them.  Thy have garnered very little attention over the years, and in many cases are quite scarce.  The first catalog to feature these notes exclusively was written by Robert A. Vlack in 2001.  Ron Benice has also featured them in a seperate section in his book, Florida Paper Money in 2008, and features eleven different examples of Florida advertising notes.



001 (2)

1861 Richmond $10 Note 1861 Richmond
$10 Note  Advertising Fla. Trunk Mfg. Co.  Jacksonville Fla.


003 (2)

Grover C. Criswell check $5 Discount on any $25 purchase Grover C. Criswell check
$5 Discount on any $25 purchase