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Hometown Currency explores the history of Florida Currency in a museum and research role breaking down currency by city and by bank. It also provides great reference to news articles, historical pictures, and intuitive videos for users of all ages to learn and enjoy.

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  • 1902 $5 Key West Note Charter #7942

    1902 Red seal Series $5 Note dated August 19, 1905 from The Island City National Bank of Key West, FL. Charter #7942 Signed by E.M. Martin, cashier and George S. Waite, president. Unique red seal note.

  • $20 St. Augustine Note Charter #3462

    Series 1902 Date Back $20 Note dated Feb. 17, 1906 from The First National Bank of St. Augustine, FL. Charter #3462. Signed by G.B. Lamar, Jr. cashier and John T. Dismukes, president. St.Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.

  • 1882 $100 Tallahassee Brown Back Note

    1882 $100 Brown Back Note. Charter #4132 Tallahassee Signed by W.C. Lewis, Cashier and George Lewis, President. Only 3 are known to exist.

  • 1902 $10 Punta Gorda Note Charter #10512

    1902 Series $10 Note issued April 6, 1917 from The First National Bank of Punta Gorda, FL. Charter #10512

  • 1865 $500 Tallahassee, FL.

    January 1, 1865. $500 Note Tallahassee, FL. State of Florida Civil War Currency

  • 1875 $5 Pensacola Note Charter #2490

    1875 Series First Charter $5 Note issued Ausgust 30, 1880 from The First National Bank of Pensacola, FL. Charter #2490 Signed by J.S. Leonard, cashier and F.C. Brent, president. Only four notes known representing the only 1875 First Charter notes for the state of Florida.

  • 1902 $50 Bartow Note Charter #4627

    1902 Date Back Third Charter $50 Note from The Polk County National Bank of Bartow Charter #4627, on Sept. 11, 1891. Signed by E.L. Wirt, cashier and T.L. Wilson, president. Only note known on bank

  • 1902 $10 Date Back Fort Meade, FL. Charter #10386

    1902 $10 Date Back Note from Fort Meade, FL. Charter #10386

  • 1902 $20 Jacksonville Note Charter #9049

    Series 1902 Red Seal $20 Note. Bank chartered March 2, 1908 The Barnett Bank of Jacksonville, FL. Charter #9049, signed by George DeSaussure cashier and Bion H. Barnett, president.

  • 1882 $10 Jacksonville Note Charter #3327

    Series 1882 Brown Back $10 Note issued March 30, 1885 from The National Bank of The State of Florida, Jacksonville. Charter #3327. Signed by T.P. Denham, cashier and Henry B. Tomkins, president. Only note known on bank.

  • 1882 $5 Palatka Note Charter #3223

    1882 Series $5 Note issued July 15, 1884 from The First National Bank of Palatka, FL. Charter #3223
    Only note known on Bank.

  • 1830 $3 Tallahassee Territory of Florida Note

    June 3, 1830 $3 Territorial Note. Tallahassee, FL. Printed by N&S.S. Jocelyn, New Haven.

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